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Vacant Possession

Vacant Possession: When a property is sold without any existing lease or tenancy agreement it is sold with " vacant possession ". There will be no one in occupation at the time. 


Vendor One who sells anything. In a real estate transactions it is the person disposing of the property. 

Vendor's Terms

Vendor's Terms This refers to instances when an owner is prepared to offer a buyer finance or other assistance such as staged payments to assist with the purchase of the property. 

Volume Estimation Surveys

Volume Estimation Surveys: are carried out by measurements and calculations in both the vertical and horizontal planes to survey irregular volumes on, over or under your land. A DTM (Digital Terrain Model) is formed to undetake this process.


We can calculate how much water is in your dam, how much water your proposed dam will hold, the size of your stockpile, the volume of your concrete pour.

Alternately we can set out a dam site to your volumetric requirements.

We can also survey your stockpiles of material that need measurement for costing purposes or royalty payments.

Contact us for advice in relation to these matters.