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Strata Subdivision Surveys

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These surveys are carried out by authorised land surveyors and divide one or more buildings both vertically and horizontally on a site. The project may be carried out in stages. The strata title legislation also creates and provides a system of on-site body corporate management. If instructing firstly have a look at those links relating to Survey Fees, Terms of Contract and Survey Methology. A general discussion on Measurements on Strata Plans explains the measurements you see on Strata Plans.

A MUST to Read is Strata Discussion in General (go to the bottom of the page and click on page 2): Also read Strata By-Laws, Strata Scheme & Master Plan and Strata Title; Amendment to a Strata Title (again, go to the bottom of the page and click on page 2).

The surveyor must be satisfied that the buildings within the strata development are within the site title boundaries and must show offsets to all buildings that are less than 2.00 metres to the boundaries. For this reason a Boundary Survey is sometimes required; Note that Sketch By Way of Illustration titles require conversion to full Torrens Title. Both surveys being subject to the provisions of our Survey Fees & Terms of Contract.


We can obtain the necessary Council permits, set out the proposed buildings, survey the site for strata subdivision, prepare the strata plan documentation and have the plan approved by Council and registered by the Recorder of Titles.

Contact us for advice in relation to these matters. 

Reminder again: These surveys can only be undertaken by Authorised Registered Surveyors. We employ such surveyors to undertake this type of Survey.