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Boundary Remark Surveys

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"Remark (or Repeg) Survey" means a survey required only for the purpose of reinstating an existing title or boundary, including marking, directly or by the use of reference marks, that title or boundary on the ground.

These surveys are carried out by our authorised associates, land surveyors to re-instate and re-mark your Certificate of title boundaries and title corners in accordance with land surveyor’s legislation. This legislation requires the authorised surveyor to 'connect into' Map Grid of Australia  Co-ordinates and prepare a Re-mark Plan. If instructing firstly have a look at those links relating to Survey Fees, Terms of Contract and Survey Methology. Survey Methodology explains in part that the "Surveyor forms an opinion based on the best available evidence". Please note there is no Boundary Survey that generates fees less than $3500 + gst, (a rural survey will be at least $6000 + gst), most titles created within the last 20 years would cost at least $3500 + gst (rural $6000 + gst) but all Remark surveys are subject to Survey Methodology and the rules of Boundary Re-establishment which can result in substantial increase in fees. Older surveys, travel, slope and vegetation effect survey costs. Rural Surveys of say 40ha and over quite easily generate costs of $15-20,000.

The resultant re-mark plan (or SIO Plan) is lodged and filed with the Recorder of Titles. Note it is not examined by the Recorder but purley registered as recorded information. It is always possible that the registration of a future cadastral survey plan may vary (due to a number of factors, including the 'other' surveyor having a different opinion) or re-define the same boundaries in accordance with established boundary evidence and the legal rules of boundary re-instatement.

The re-mark survey does not change your Certificate of Title boundaries, but the survey marks placed do become part of the recorded cadastral fabric that future surveys and surveyors will need to consider. Survey Fees are applicable.

Can only be undertaken by Authorised Registered Surveyors. We employ such surveyors to undertake this type of Survey.

Upon instruction to proceed with a boundary survey, we will email the client with words similar to those below:


Good afternoon XXXX

Thank you for your contact.

Note any Terms used in this email can be found within my “Glossary” on my web page:

These surveys can only be undertaken by Authorised Registered Surveyors. We employ such surveyors to undertake this type of Survey.

See attached Snip of the "LTO List" showing your site. Please advise if this is not your site

You have advised me you would like a Remark (xxxxxxx Identificationxxxxxxx) Survey undertaken. Please read

Remark Survey

An Identification Survey

The basic difference between a Remark Survey and a Identification Survey is that a Remark Survey places pegs that can be used for construction, whilst an Ident survey shows the relationship between the improvements (fences, buildings etc) and the boundaries. No pegs are placed.

                               This advice can be added:       A Remark Survey can cost double an Ident survey (it dependson the survey)!

You should also look at Survey Methodology to understand what must be done for these surveys (and terms of contract).

                              This advice can be added:      Not always but a good proportion of the time the costs relating to the survey of one boundary are very similar to the costs for the whole site.

The following basic path must be undertaken for all surveys: WE must

·         buy the Search info from the LTO

·         undertake office calcs and upload to the Data Recorder

·         Come to the site and locate old survey marks

·         Orientate the Data Recorder information to the field evidence      

           (this is the big unknown because existence of evidence is linked to age of the most recent applicable survey)

·         Connect to Map Grid of Australia co-ordinates & transform the job

·         Place pegs as required

·         Draw a Plan to a set standard and lodge at the LTO

.          Costs for more than one boundary do rise if the survey of additional boundaries give rise to different re-instatement issues, vegetation and other physical restraints.

The Land Under Survey:

You have advised me that the land in question is "(**flat and clear of vegetation**)". The cost estimate below has been estimated considering your advice.

Obviously if some corners or boundaries have significant increases in vegetation, slope or other physical restraints then further costs may apply and will appear on my invoice as a separate item under the heading "Fees Variation Surcharge".

Accordingly, In your case for a Remark Survey I estimate that we will generate costs of:

$XXXX + {Search + time on Pre Field Calcs} + gst where applicable.

I can undertake the survey xxxxx

I await your advice


If you are going to fence your property or build close to a boundary then you need to know where your boundaries are. Our advice could save you money, particularly if a full boundary re-mark survey is not really necessary for your project.

Contact us for advice in relation to these matters.