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Site Visit to the Land

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Make a site visit to the land and view it with a critical eye. Give some thought to the boundaries and how they may or may not agree with the title. Contact us for advice in relation to these matters. Be aware that the dimensions shown on the title are horizontal dimensions, so if land is sloping in nature it will always measure longer on the ground than shown on the title. Give consideration to the aspect of the land realising that Tasmania is the most southern state in Australia and therefore it has a more southerly latitude. This means that during the winter months the sun will be lower in the sky and the days of shorter duration.

If there is no reticulated sewerage to the site view the ground with a critical eye in relation to effluent disposal. Boggy soil or a flash of greenery or the growing of reeds usually indicates wet and damp ground, sometimes not acceptable for the effective disposal of effluent. Most effluent disposal systems require at least 1000sqm to operate successfully and most councils desire 1500sqm or above.

Be aware that if you are considering development, the planning scheme provisions will apply and such scheme might affect the development in terms of scenic issues, grade and slope of the land and subsequent building of public roads, removal of trees and disposal of effluent.