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Natural Boundary

Natural Boundary: means a boundary along a seashore, a river or a stream and is considered to be "ambulatory" in nature or liable to the shifting of position from time to time under the doctrine of accretion. 

Negative Gearing

Negative Gearing: A property is "negatively geared" when the income from the rent is exceeded by the deductible outgoings. Rates, mortgage interest , (as opposed to mortgage repayments), property taxes, - insurance repairs, are all deductible expenses. A loss can be deducted from other income for tax purposes. 

Not Including Reserved Road

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Not Including Reserved Road: (or tramway, railway or the like) is a term often found ‘under’ the area shown on a plan forming a title. The ‘dark’ lines on a plan surrounding a parcel of land depict the land in question, and often ‘include’ a ‘dotted’ line with the words ‘ Reserved Road’ or similar. If the words ‘Not Including Reserved Road (tramway etc)’ are shown on the plan then the title does NOT include the land shown as reserved road and therefore ownership does not include or extend to this land.


It means you do not own land that is ‘not included’.


We can report on the ‘status’ of notations shown on your title to ensure you are completely conversant with your titles intentions. 

Notice to Treat

Notice to Treat: means a notice served on a land owner by an authority wanting to acquire land by agreement, where acquisition by compulsory process is an alternative means for the authority to obtain the land.