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Developing Property in Tasmania

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This section assumes that you have bought property in Tasmania and that you have paid due regard to all those matters referred to in the above section “Buying Property in Tasmania”. It assumes that you are aware of such matters as zoning and service supplies and that you have satisfied yourself that the land is capable of achieving your goals. Read Subdivision Overview.

As mentioned we have been involved in development in Tasmania for 40 years. We have a bank of experience and knowledge of the local scene and the personalities involved and are confident that we are in a position to provide you with access to any form of expertise required to satisfy the needs of the development. It is appreciated that you may not be aware of the expertise that is required. This is precisely the void we seek to fill.

The process of undertaking a development is complex in nature and dependent on the proposal in mind and the site chosen. Our consultancy is based around being in a position to guide you with the correct information whether it be initial discussions to give you an indication of the matters of importance or the carriage of the development from concept to completion. Consultant Fees are applicable.

We act for a number of local and interstate developers who have knowledge of the development process but lack the local contact and knowledge to deal with the major issues in an appropriate manner. Matters that may arise within a development are listed below and are further clarified in our glossary page.

Some of the issues that may arise with a development are: current zoning, provision of services, the proposed future zoning, joint Rezoning/Development Applications, environmental issues, fire issues, effluent disposal issues, heritage issues, aboriginal sites issues, physical site restraints like slope and gradients, public road access, site distances and many more. Contact us for advice in relation to these matters.

There are many issues relating to development that may be unique to a particular site. To contemplate development without local knowledge is not advised. Consultant Fees are applicable.