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Headworks Charges

Headworks Charges: Is a charge made by Authorities such as Councils, Water Authorities or Power Suppliers to cover the cost of providing, maintaining and extending infrastructure such as reservoirs, sewerage plants and the like. It is usually charged on the basis of a set fee per new allotment and can be one of the major costs of development.

See Sec 56 (LUPAA) Amendment


It means a flat fee per new lot will be charged and must be paid before final sealing and issue of titles or possibly by arrangement, at settlement of each sale.


We can advise of the likelihood of a Headworks Charge.  


Hectare: usually displayed and abbreviated on plans as "ha" means an area of land in units of 10 000 square metres (ie. 10 000 square metres = 1ha). To CONVERT Acres to hectares X by 0.40468 (ie 24 Acres calcs at 24 X 0.40468 = 9.712ha).

High Water Mark

High Water Mark: in relation to a boundary along a seashore or tidal waters means the line of average high tide between spring tides and the neap tides averaged out over a year.

See our Blog under High Water Mark Boundary?